A mockup N64 cartridge of a Radiohead album.
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Legend recreates the entire Radiohead album with Mario 64 sounds, even Johnny Greenwood is a fan

Radiohead is without doubt one of the best bands of our time, and relying on who you ask, In Rainbows ranks amongst their finest work. The album is especially memorable for showing out of nowhere after the band went on hiatus for a number of years, and for its revolutionary distribution: this was launched as a pay-what-you-want obtain, and sure, you might give one of many world’s largest bands $0 for the newest file in the event you needed to.

Now the writer and composer On4Word has launched a venture known as in rainbow ways (Opens in a brand new tab) (Youtube (Opens in a brand new tab)). It extremely recreates your complete 43-minute album utilizing a Tremendous Mario 64 sound font (a sound font is mainly all of the recordsdata used to create a selected soundtrack), and I can solely guess how a lot time I spent on this. The creator simply says it is “devoted to all Toads,” a lyric from one of many album’s finest tracks, Reckoner: “Devoted to all people… all people.”

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