Last year's most ridiculous FMV game is getting a VR version
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Last year’s most ridiculous FMV game is getting a VR version

Not for broadcast, completely ridiculous full-motion propaganda sim, you get the VR model. Now, you will have to make use of your fallible mortal arms to train tight management over the weight loss plan of British media, guaranteeing that its most disastrous authorities stays slick and ship-like whilst all the pieces collapses. Not accepting the concept.

The VR model of Not For Broadcast guarantees the identical “identical gameplay, story, and gripping darkish comedy as the unique,” however with the tantalizing chance of with the ability to “slam, slap, and seize something that dares stand between you and the reality.” That is so immersive, the builders boasted, that “you will really feel like being electrocuted by your personal poorly maintained gear!”

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