This dreamlike indie RPG is a perfectly intense and refined take on the Elder Scrolls
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This dreamlike indie RPG is a perfectly intense and refined take on the Elder Scrolls

The illusion of dread (Opens in a brand new tab) Bothers me. That is in all probability the proper recreation for me, a recreation I actually wish to hold trying into, however like Gloomwood earlier than it, Dread Delusion may very well be Very good for incomplete gameplay (Opens in a brand new tab). I’ve come to the conclusion that I am unable to hold taking part in forward of time. You may play it now if you have not, one time exactly, however after that you will have to attend.

This primary-person, open-world RPG began out because the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc⁠ — a frequently launched compilation of the indie horror-neighborhood 3D demo — which got here out in February 2020. Like Disco Elysium earlier than it, it does an incredible job Hinting at a a lot bigger world from the attitude of a very nonetheless water. You’re a just lately launched prisoner exploring the Oneiric Islands, a group of asteroids orbiting a distant, blood-red star in a medieval society who took to the skies in magic balloons after an historic cataclysm on the planet under.

A way of homunculus floating with Dread Delusion spooky star and machine in the background

(Picture credit score: Beautiful Hellplace)

Like Planescape Torment or The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Dread Delusion fuses a very alien world with some cozy fantasy role-playing trappings to nice impact. It is a damaged panorama beneath a blood-red sky with a “neuron star” hovering uncomfortably shut, however this panorama is filled with animals and outdated buildings inhabited by uninteresting peasants. Airships are fabricated from wooden and piloted by pointed wizards, whereas the basic fantasy Inquisition is waged by atheists who search to kill the final of the intervening gods.

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