Town built on the ocean
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I am instantly hooked on this colony sim where you build a city on the ocean

Think about waking up on a small island in the midst of the ocean. Your first impulse is perhaps to flee, maybe by grabbing some wooden, making a ship, and crusing away. However for those who’re enjoying Havendock, escaping is myopic. So that you’re caught on a small island – why not merely construct a boomtown over the water and simply stay there?

At first, he supplied to construct the colony Havendock feels a bit like Survival game: I am standing on a number of small squares of wooden with water throughout me, and I must seize floating leaves, planks, and fish from the ocean to make use of for sources. Not like Raft, my base doesn’t transfer throughout the water however is anchored to the small sandy island I woke as much as. And in contrast to most Colonial Sims, I run as a personality relatively than a deity-like peeking from the sky.

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