Destiny 2 Lightfall can connect some dots about the Vex
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Destiny 2 Lightfall can connect some dots about the Vex

Guardians and allies of the Photo voltaic System put together for the inevitable return of The Witness and take care of the forces of the Cabal Shadow Legion in Future 2’s upcoming Lightfall enlargement. Just lately, gamers have been working to deliver the omnipotent Rasputin AI Warmind to life, a feat that piqued the curiosity of the Vex. We’re additionally starting to study extra about how the Vex aren’t the human mind we have been led to consider – Osiris’ radio message telling Elsie of the Aberrant Vex’s straying from consensus revealed how Vex factions do not share beliefs or targets. We have come to know Vex are a combative and experimental robotic species filled with rays, Elsie describes in Clovis Bray Record Traditions That the “apathetic and curious” Vex would attempt to remake the universe in each means potential, however there’s extra to it.

Based mostly on the radio message the Vex featured within the Neomuna Surroundings trailer, and what a Vex Nexus grid appears like from Splicer season 2, it is clear that the Vex will proceed to be key within the story to come back. GameSpot requested narrative designer Liz Baker and senior narrative designer Nico Stevens throughout a gaggle interview if the upcoming story would spotlight the Vex’s totally different motivations.

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“The Vex is one thing we speak about quite a bit, particularly between you and me, Niko, with the Spire of the Watcher,” Baker mentioned. “There are a whole lot of fascinating issues with the Vex and their considerably imprecise targets.” Including, “I do not assume you are fallacious in feeling that what’s within the trailer will present within the story.”

Sol Divisive’s main motivation will not be crystalline, even after defeating these within the Black Backyard who worshiped Blackheart, and its many subsequent encounters. Stevens defined, “So far as Season of the Seraph is worried, as Liz mentioned, we have had a whole lot of conversations together with her revolving round Spire of the Watcher particularly and the way that story is built-in into Lightfall. In the event you’ve performed Spire of the Watch and browse the beliefs, You will know that the Vex often called Sol Divisive mainly attacked the Spire of the Watcher, and we managed to fend them off. On the floor it appears their aim was to imprison Rasputin, however we study once we’re accomplished with the dungeon that they might have some nefarious targets.”

Lore tags from Spire of the Watcher refer closely to a clairvoyant AI named Soteria, an Augurmind created by researcher Maya Sundaresh utilizing Vex know-how. Mylene Games He has a video explaining the AI’s potential ties to Nefele Stronghold, who we now know is Neomuna. Additionally, one other related connection may be Sundaresh saving her Ishtar Collective analysis workforce from Vex simulation copies Using Warmind because it is too complicated to simulate and predict; The saved copies went to look the Vex community. Likewise, the Vex performed an necessary position within the photo voltaic system by turning planets and moons into engineering machines like Mercury and Io, Clovis Bray’s seek for Readability on Europa, and lots of different interconnected and dangling threads by no means absolutely come collectively. Even the explanation behind Nessus’ uniquely pleasant Harpy character stays unexplained.

Stevens added, “Provided that the Vex collective is one factor, after which Sol Divisive form of ripped them off as a result of they worship darkness, they usually assume worshiping darkness is the trail that may make them victory. I feel all these sorts of disparate dots floating round one another result in Lightfall, you might even see extra hyperlink networks forming.”

Through the years of Future, the Vex have been among the strongest and elusive foes, however Lightfall — launched on February 28 — might forged some thriller over their position on this fleeting battle.

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